Softball Program

 Our Softball Hitting program is a new program dedicated to aiding our softball players in their offensive development. With all of the baseball training going on at our facility, our girls can sometimes be neglected when it comes to training. This program will operate with a structured development plan similar to our Beginners Program. We will start with the basics and gradually increase our intent through drills and specialized training techniques. Our goal is to make all of our softball players better hitters and give them a better understanding of the swing process. This program operates on Monday & Wednesdays.

Softball Hitting

Open program focusing on key hitting fundamentals & techniques. Players will start with the basics & start to increase intensity while gaining a better understanding of what it takes to be a hitter at a higher level. Great program for youth level athletes or experienced players looking to refine their skills.


November 15th – March 16th

Monday & Wednesday: 5:00-6:00PM

Limited to 12 players. Will add another sessions if needed


$180/ month

Program Overview:

  • Monthly Program
  • 8 sessions per month
  • 2X per week
  • Professional Coaching
  • Structured development plan
  • Fun & constructive learning

Areas of Focus:

  • Improve overall movement patterns
  • Stance & Setup
  • Load & Stride
  • Understand & improve swing
  • Understand balance & improve body control
  • Improve consistency & overall swing process
  • Become a better hitter