June 5th – July 28th 

Mondays, Tuesdays, & Thursdays 

Summer SAVAGE Performance Training

This program has been constructed to provide athletes with the best baseball strength training systems available to develop dynamic and exlosive strength, power and speed.

The ability to produce and resist high amounts of force quickly is paramount for creating powerful and robust athletes. We use multiple forms of immedidate feedback to drive intensities and outputs to the next level. But thats not all.

Strength, power and speed have diminishing returns without high level movement capabilities. Baseball like many sports does not produce movement in singular planes, but in multiple planes of movement simultaneously. We train our athletes with that in mind by encouraging dynamic and multi-planar movements like max effort medicine ball throws, Proteus exercises, multi directional sprints, plyos and much more. Our goal is to provide our athletes with a runway of learning game-like movement patterns at extremely high intensities. 

Join us and find out what makes SAVAGE Performance a gamechanger!

Program Overview

  • Day 1 Assessments for Strength, Power and Speed
  • Tiered programming for athletes of all levels
  • Weight tracking, Barspeed measurements, timed Sprints
  • Use of the only Proteus 3D Motion unit in the state of Minnesota!

SAVAGE Performance Options (8 Weeks)


Assessment fee : $100

Remote Performance Programming : $149/mo

Remote Performance Training

If you are hungry and committed to train with us but can’t make it to the gym to train on-site with us we’ve got you covered.

Our remote programs are structured and tiered to help you gradually build up from the foundations of Velocity Baseball Training to our most challenging programs

 A dedicated coach will guide you and answer any questions you have as well as provide coaching and feedback on any video you share via the On Form app. Start by coming in for an on-site assessment or dive right into your program after discussing your goals with a coach.

We offer both our Pitching and Performance programs remotely. 


Each athlete will have the option to schedule an assessment prior to starting their remote program to gather baseline training metrics.

Assessment includes : 

  • Grip and Shoulder Strength
  • Vertical Jump
  • Proteus Motion 3D Power Testing


Programs will be shared with athletes via Driveline TRAQ. All exercises will have video links attached showing athletes how to complete their training. 

Athletes will be encouraged to track their weights in their program to ensure progress.

Virtual Coaching

All athletes will have be invited to download the OnForm Coaching app that allows athletes to upload videos of their training for their coaches review as well as use the chat feature to communicate any questions they may have about their training program.