SAVAGE Performance Training

Performance training lays out a detailed strength, conditioning and nutrition program for the player serious about development. 

Elite players have the size, strength and ability to produce and resist force in applicable ranges of motion that transfer to the field. Baseball movements are produced in shapes that can be trained in the weight room. Developing the capacity to move with strength and power through shapes produced on the field is paramount to on field performance. 

The nutrition program helps athletes create eating habits that fuel strength, size and lean body mass. Nutrition is often the missing link in the chain for a large percentage of athletes. 

Through this program we equip athetes to ramp their on field perfomance to the next level!



  • Baseline Testing and retesting
  • Detailed programming of lifts with hands on coaching and video examples
  • Weight tracking
  • Nutrition plan


Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday |

Session 1 | 5:30 – 6:30

Session 2  6:30 – 7:30



For questions or concerns about Performance Training contact Mitch Brown 

Remote Performance Training

For the athlete who who cannot make it into the gym for training, we have an intensive remote training option. 

Each trainee starts with a video movement screening to assess where any deficiencies may be that we can focus our training around. From there we gather additional information such as current strength maxes, pre- existing injuries, playing position, accessible equipment as well as current throwing velocity and exit velocity.

After gathering all neccesary information we get started building out the program for the athletes. 

Programming will include

  • Corrective exercises
  • Dynamic warmup and plyometrics
  • Lifting program.
  • Nutrition guide

Virtual coaching can be done through video submission. 

This program can be combined with Remote Pitching Training.

Cost : 

Remote Performance $100/mo

Remote Pitching + Performance $150/mo