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Savage Remote Training

Who is this for? We came up with remote training so that all our athletes could have a customized individual training program that you can take with you. It is tailored to your needs to become the best version of yourself on the field. Whether you currently play another sport, don’t live near the facility, are currently in season or you train in the gym every day, this program is for you.

The idea of Savage Remote Training is that we establish the objective of your training and then equip you to attack that objective. We start with a day 1 assessment.

Day 1 Assessment

After prepping your body with the dynamic warmup and pre throw protocols, we then collect a motion capture. This consists of a slow-motion video of your throw or swing mechanics so that we can identify where you may be deficient in your movement patterns. We also collect a velocity on the throw or exit velocity on the swing. By collecting this information if gives us valuable information on your starting point and helps us devise a plan to address your deficiencies. This is extremely important so that we can assure we are maintaining the objective of your training program.

Throwing/Hitting Drills

Following your assessment, we then introduce you to our throwing/hitting drills. These drills will be prescribed to you based on your individual needs. Your program likely will not be the same as the next athletes’ program based on your deficiencies found in your motion capture assessment. Every throwing warmup will be preceded by our warm-up protocols and followed by our recovery protocols which we will also teach you.

Strength Program

Strength Programs are also available in your remote training. We precede the strength programming with a movement assessment to ensure that the athlete is able to move through the required positions before being loaded in these positions. The athlete’s safety is our number one priority.

How to access the programming

After we have completed the assessment and learned the throwing/hitting drills. We will share with you the google document of your training program. You can download the google sheets app on your iPhone, Android or tablet and access your program right there.

Stay Connected

It is extremely important to stay in contact with your trainer during your training. Your trainer will update your programming over the course of your training program to make sure you are staying on track and progressing. We recommend that you come in to get reassessed every 4-6 weeks so that we can make sure you are progressing as planned as well as so we can update your programming. In addition to this, we are able to create screen share videos to walk you through your pitching/swing mechanics. This allows us to give our athletes valuable feedback and avoid putting training intentions in the wrong places.


We want this program to yield the very best results possible for you, the athlete. In order for that to happen, it requires compliance and commitment to the program. We will do our best to match your programming to your schedule but it may require you to budget time 4-6 days/week to complete your training.


Assessment fee – $100

Individual packages

$100/month for pitching programming $100/month for hitting programming $100/month for strength programming


Pitching & Strength – $150/month
Hitting & Strength – $150/month
Pitching, Hitting & Strength – $250/month

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