The Rochester Batting Cages has been implementing it’s HitTrax system into their every day training & development programs. This great tool has helped give players immediate feedback as well as a visual aide while identifying some key strengths & weaknesses.

What is HitTrax?

HitTrax is the first baseball data capture and simulation system to provide the powerful combination of performance data & live competition.

The HitTrax system measures & displays real-time data to help players further engage, advance training & provide game like intensity.

HitTrax accuratelly measures the speed & trajectory of the ball while calculating realistic outcomes along with other important measurable data suchs as..

  • Exit Velocity

  • Maximum Distance

  • Launch Angle

  • Strike Zone Analysis

  • Spray Charts

  • Hard Hit Percentage

  • Point of Contact

  • BA, SLG, & OPS

  • And much more…

RBC will be adding new HitTrax Leagues & Tournaments to it’s programming in the 2021-2022 offseason. Please click on our pages below for detailed information on ways your athlete can put his skills up against others in the area.

HitTrax Leagues (Registration Coming Soon)