Hitting Programs

The RBC Hitting Programs are for some our most serious hitters in the facility looking for an advanced offseason development program. We offer two different programs that caters to a players schedule, skill level & needs. Both programs will do a great job of developing players overall movement patterns while giving them the feedback & tools they need to succeed. Our goal is not only to help our athletes become better hitters but also help them become a bit more independent so they can hit in all scenarios & at all levels even without their trainers. If you can hit, you will play & we will help you develop those tools.

Official Schedule: (Starts August 8th)

Sample Below- Times during the day until school begins
TimeAge (Grad Year)
9:00 AM2027 
10:00 AM2026
11:00 AM2025
1:00 PM2022-2023s

Fall Hitting Program

Our Fall Hitting was designed to keep our athletes progressing in months that might be considered off months to the average player. Shutting your arm down at some point is understood but hitting is one of the hardest things in sports & there is always something that can be improved upon. There is a difference between being a “Hitter” and being able to generate numbers at certain times. Our goal is to develop mechanics and improve overall movement patterns while unlocking future potential. 

Our staff will use a structured development plan combined with specialized training techniques & technology such as HitTrax & Blast Motion to focus on player improvement.

Program Details:

  • Two-Month Program (AUG & SEPT)
  • Access to two sessions per week
  • Structured development plan
  • Feedback through video, HitTrax, & Blast Motion
  • Specialized training to promote consistency & muscle memory
  • Improve overall swing patterns & quality of contact
  • Competitive reps to promote intent
  • Coaches who have developed “Hitters”
  • Become a better hitter, start seeing some gains

Membership Options: (2-month program)

TOTAL: $400

$400 or $200/month if you registered before Aug 1st

Possible Schedule: (Starts November 7th)

Sample Below- One-hour sessions, will add times based on registrations

TimeAge (Grad Year)
TimeAge (Grad Year)


If you are serious about development & becoming a better hitter this is the program for you. The top offseason hitting program in the area. This full 5-month program is dedicated to developing our athletes in all areas of hitting while getting them ready for competition in the spring. This is for the most serious athletes in the facility looking for more advanced programming.

Program Details: (COMING SOON)

Membership Options: (5-month program)

TOTAL: $240/ Month