For information or to hold your spot on our Hitting Programs, please contact our Director of Operations, Brett Thorney (

Hitting Programs

The RBC Hitting Programs are for some our most serious hitters in the facility looking for an advanced offseason development program. We offer two different programs that caters to a players schedule, skill level & needs. Both programs will do a great job of developing players overall movement patterns while giving them the feedback & tools they need to succeed. Our goal is not only to help our athletes become better hitters but also help them become a bit more independent so they can hit in all scenarios & at all levels even without their trainers. If you can hit, you will play & we will help you develop those tools.

T2 Hitting (Full Program)

One of our most popular programs. Our T2 HITTING program is an invite only program for the top hitters in our entire program. Players will train in high intensity, face-paced environment surrounded by other players of similar athleticism, skill or physical statue. Players will go through a 5-month comprehensive offseason program focusing on skill development with accelerated & advanced training techniques. This program requires a mind willing to think & problem solve in order to develop, not just blindly accept everything given to him. Great program for elite level athletes.

SCHEDULE: NOV 16th- MAR 24th

Limited to 12 Spots per session in order to give players a more quality over quantity training session

Program Overview & Benefits

  • 3x & 4x per week options
  • Testing & Track Progress through Blast & HitTrax
  • Video & Data Analysis
  • Mechanical Development & Breakdown
  • Swing & Movement Prep/analysis
  • Approach Development
  • Pitch Recognition
  • Patterning & Sequencing
  • Body Control Development
  • Increase Bat Speed & Exit Velocities
  • Increase bat-to-ball skills
  • Improve swing decisions
  • Help become more independent
  • Develop Rotational Power & improve movement patterns
  • Become a better Hitter



HS: 4:30-5:30PM | Youth: 5:30-6:30PM | Extra: 6:30-7:30


HS: 11:00-Noon | Youth: Noon-1:00PM | Extra: 1:00-2:00PM

4X/week members will receive a workout on Sundays (11-Noon).

Membership Options: (5-month program)

3X/week: $240/ month

4X/ week: $300/ month

Multi-Sport Program

Our Multi-Sport Program was designed to accommodate for our athletes that compete in another sport during the offseason months. This program will typically operate on weekends in order to avoid conflict with their other activities. At times, multi-sport athletes can be playing catch up at the beginning of the spring due to their time being focused elsewhere. The focus of this program is to create repetition and development in order for these athletes to be ready for competition. We will use focused training to create consistency & development. This program will operate on Saturday & Sundays. 

Schedule: November 20th – March


Saturday: 2:00-3:00PM

Sunday: 11:00AM-Noon

Program Details:

  • Monthly Program
  • Multiple Options
  • Structured development plan
  • Testing through HitTrax, Stalker & Blast Motion
  • Specialized training to promote consistency
  • Improve overall swing patterns & quality of contact
  • Much needed repetition during offseason months
  • Be ready once competition begins in the spring

Membership Options: (3-month minimum)

1X/ week: $120/ month

2X/ week: $200/ month

ID Performance

Our I.D. PERFORMANCE program is an open program dedicated to the development of an athletes individual skills. These sessions were designed to give players more individualized attention in a small group setting in order to promote improvement. Our staff works in small groups to focus on a players targeted area of development, in this case hitting. These sessions were designed to be flexible & some players need a smaller group setting. Great program for youth players & athletes looking to make a jump in skill development.

SCHEDULE: November-May

Class Schedule will be located on scheduling system soon. 

For information or to hold your spot on our Hitting Programs, please contact our Director of Operations, Brett Thorney (

Program Details:

  • Flexible Scheduling
  • Small Group Setting (1-6 players)
  • Individual & specialized training methods
  • Individual player focus
  • One Hour sessions
  • Ability to group with similar ages
  • Pick your number of sessions each month

Membership Options: (3-month minimum)

1 Class Membership: $40/ month

3- Class Membership: $105/ month

5 Class Membership: $160/month

8 Class Membership: $230/month