Catching Program

The RBC- Catching Program will be dedicated to helping athletes with the individual skills it takes to play the position at a high level. We see catcher as one of the most neglected areas of training even though it’s arguably one of the most important positions on the field. Our staff has had great success developing catchers over the years and would love to spread their knowledge to see more catchers go on to play at the next level from MN.

We will start with the basics & progress rapidly with drills, workouts, & techniques that elite college and professional catchers use to develop their game. 

Schedule: (Starts November 17th)

NOV 17th – MARCH 16th

Wednesday: 7:00PM-8:00PM


6:00-7:00PM (Youth)

7:00PM-8:00PM (HS)

Will add another session if needed based on participants

Pricing: (Two Options)

1X/ week: $120 per month

2X/ week: $200 per month

Requirements: All Catchers must have their own gear & glove

Program Overview & Focus:

  • Access to catching specific velocity & arm care program with warm up & recovery protocols
  • Improve overall positional movement patterns
  • Learn proper stance & setup
  • Improve/ learn flexibility & mobility techniques
  • Receiving techniques & development
  • Blocking Development
  • Throwing process development & armcare for position
  • How to develop relationships with pitchers & coaches
  • Recovery & strength exercises
  • Leadership skills needed for position & team
  • Mental toughness

For additional information or to hold a spot in the program, please contact our Director of Operations, Brett Thorney (