Beginners Programs

Our Beginner Programs are designed to focus on the key fundamentals to kickstart the development of our youth athletes as well as help current players with their consistency. It’s important that we focus on some of the basic skills & movements early in order to develop a baseline of technique & mechanics before moving on to some of the more advanced areas of training. Our goal is to help our players understand what development means and promote improvement.

Beginners Hitting

Open program for 9-14U players focusing on key hitting fundamentals & techniques. Players will start with the basics & start to increase intensity while gaining a better understanding of what it takes to be a hitter at a higher level. Great program for youth level athletes or players that could use more consistency. 


Saturdays, December 3rd – March 25

11:00 – Noon


$100/mo for RBC Members 

$125/mo for Non RBC Members

Program Overview:

  • Monthly Program
  • 4 sessions per month
  • Professional Coaching
  • Structured development plan
  • Fun & constructive learning

Areas of Focus:

  • Improve overall movement patterns
  • Stance & Setup
  • Load & Stride
  • Understand & improve swing
  • Understand balance & improve body control
  • Improve consistency & overall swing process
  • Become a better hitter

Beginners Throwing

Open to athletes 9-14U the Beginners Pitching Program aims to build a foundation of throwing fundementals and skill to build on. Athletes will be taught drillwork to help them mold their throwing mechanics before increasing the throwing volume and adding more athletic movements to increase their body awareness and help them carry these new skills into gamelike scenarios.


Saturdays, December 3rd – March 25th (minus Christmas Eve)

11:00 – Noon

Cost :

$100/mo for RBC Members 

$125/mo for Non RBC Members