Rochester Batting Cages
& Training Facility

Our facility features four climate controlled batting cages, making Minnesota’s winter an afterthought. Our batting cages work for either baseball or softball, not to mention they are super fun! Our facility is membership only, offering card access doors (similar to a 24 hour gym), flat screen televisions, internet access, game room/ waiting area, beverages, and much more.  We are located just a few miles north of Rochester, just south of Oronoco, MN.

Who is it for?

Rochester Batting Cages is designed for athletes that want to work on their game.  We accommodate all players, whether you're needing extra practice or if you're in need of training from a professional, we can help.  Our batting cages will motivate you to build strength, control, and confidence. Our facility has the player, parent, coach, and team in mind, we have designed our facility around comfort, convenience, and professionalisam


Our season runs from mid August through mid October.  Players are required to be members of Rochester Batting Cages to be eligible to play on the team.  The club’s purpose is to give players the skill and experience to compete and grow in this competitive sport.  This program offers professional development, team building, strength training, tournament experience, and overall knowledge of the game, giving players a boost in performance and confidence to succeed.